Getting Bookings And Making New Clients

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Getting Bookings

You must advertise to build a customer base up. An advert in the neighborhood telephone directory under and/or will draw in clients like school fetes, play schemes, and more serious customers. A second advert in the neighborhood press, the minimum they will let((your number)), set nightly for the duration of the season will attract parents searching for ideas, if you can then sell your service they may be likely to novel.

Enquiries will take several forms. How much can you charge? What sizes do you are doing? How many can utilize it? How old can they be? Now that you have a bouncy castle to satisfy most scenarios, indoor or out, you can start to deliver, set up and take away. You should be adaptable to fit in with the customers strategies, and should always turn up on time. Never forget to constantly phone to confirm the night before and all our bookings are ensured, if you don’t turn up you pay the hirer the hire fee.


We firmly recommend requiring insurance cover for third party liability. That is to protect you if anyone has an injury while utilizing the equipment. Insurance can also be readily available for loss of the equipment and employers liability so talk to your insurance broker.

Dealing with the customer

Happy customers would be the most valuable portion of a company.
1) They need good affordability. Price your service to fit your competition.
2) They want you to truly have a bouncy castle available for when they want it. Have enough stock to fill the need.
3) They want you to turn up. Keep your promise and offer to cover them the hire fee if you don’t.
In case you have one available if your costs are what they can be expecting to pay customers will book and you exist to grab the telephone when they call. Another company that will get the booking will be rung by them if you are not there to answer the phone. Many customers telephone during the evening and in the weekend so be prepared for them.


You can offer a fee cancellation service, the consumer can cancel at any given moment without penalty. This makes clients that aren’t 100% certain book with us. As soon as they’ve reserved, they then cannot back out and tell the children. It would be by canceling the business¬†guy a brave parent who spoilt their child’s birthday party. I find we get when they do, very few cancellations and tons of last minute calls to take over the booking.

Some businesses take more bookings than they have, to insure themselves for any cancellations. Necessarily if someone let you down and destroy the event, would you use that business again? I wouldn’t, and I had to tell all my buddies too.

Mishaps involving violation of health and security laws can lead to criminal prosecution of not only the person responsible but also who owns the business, including company directors. That is very different insurance from civil claims for damages which are usually covered by insurance. Please be attentive.

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