Importance of social media in small business

Jul - 10 2015 | By

Majority of the small business owners usually find it difficult to avail the services of big advertising firms to promote their businesses. So they always rely on the services of various social media platforms as they help them in the creation of brand awareness at a much reduced costs. They also provide easy access to your target consumers when utilized strategically. Facebook has witnessed massive registered members of 1.2 billion and Twitter is witnessing more than 240 million active members every day. These platforms play vital role for such firms as they provide direct access to large number of audiences for drawing revenues, creating engagement and raising awareness. These mediums also help your firm in collecting essential feedbacks comprising your services, your products as well as your prospect in particular. Social media tools can keep you updated on the marketing tactics, services and products of your rival firms.

Considering all these benefits it is up to the business firms to devise strategies for effective use of these social media tools. Recent study suggests that 60% of users before searching any products or services first enquire about the firm using social media tools. There is a direct impact on the purchasing choice of the buyers because of increased buyer-customer interactions via the tools of social media. It is important to first consider an appropriate channel that will help you to reach before your customers more quickly. For this you need to consider the services and products you want to promote. Then there arises the necessity of selecting the targeted age consumers for whom you have designed your products. Based on such criteria you can comfortably use the services of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for quick reaching to the customers. No doubt that the importance of social media will be on the rise in coming years as well.



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